Start losing weight with The Slim Firm’s HCG drops and Garcinia Cambogia. 

The Products

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) drops. It is a hormone produced by pregnant women to help their body feed the baby with fat stores rather than the muscles. This is why it’s helpful for weight loss. HCG also helps your body burn your stored fat instead of your muscles to make up for the calories you are no longer eating. When your body is burning extra calories especially from fat, you lose weight.

Garcinia Cambogia capsules. This is for those with active lifestyle. Garcinia Cambogia supplement contains a proprietary blend of 20 proven weight-loss/fat-burning, and appetite suppressant ingredients that helps curb appetite, increase your energy and boost your metabolism. It also supports cholesterol level, blood pressure and immune system and is an excellent addition to the HCG Diet program. 

How does HCG works?

HCG modifies eating behavior by regulating the hypothalamus in the brain that manages the homeostatic control of food intake by receiving, coordinating and responding metabolic cues and signals from the digestive system. By integrating the metabolic signals, the hypothalamus tells the body when to eat and maintain the body weight “set point”. Therefore, the activity of HCG in the hypothalamus helps regulate food intake while reducing food cravings.   

You must follow the entire HCG diet protocol based on Dr. Simeons’ research. HCG drops should come along with the strict 500-calorie diet to have good results. If you try feeding yourself with 500-calorie meals per day without taking the HCG drops, you are obviously STARVING yourself and that is a big NO-NO! So here’s the program overview and the important phases of this diet program.

The Four Phases

The HCG Program is divided into 4 phases of various lengths. Here it is in order:

  1. Loading Phase (2 days). Some call this phase as “binge” or “gorge” days. You start taking the HCG drops on Day 1. For these first 2 days, you must eat the most fattening foods you can until you are completely full. Concentrate on foods high in fat and oils rather than sugar.
  2. Core Phase (13-43 days). On the morning of Day 3, you begin the 500-calorie diet per day. You also continue taking the HCG drops at the specified dosage. The length of this phase depends on how much weight you want to lose. 
  3. Transition Phase (3 days). Stop taking the HCG drops at the end of the Core Phase. Continue on the 500-calorie diet for the 3 days in this phase while your body transitions and eliminates the high level of HCG in your body.
  4. Maintenance Phase (21 days). Slowly increase your food intake and begin eating any foods you want except sugars, starches, or artificial sweeteners. Your metabolism is still trying to stabilize during this phase. Therefore, watch your weight closely, and slowly increase your calorie intake at a rate that allows you to maintain your new lower weight.

How to take the HCG?

  1. For best results, do not eat or drink anything for 15 minutes before or after taking the dose. 
  2. Fill the dropper with HCG liquid. 
  3. Hold the tip of the dropper over a spoon. Squeeze the bulb very gently until a single drop of liquid falls into the spoon. Repeat until you get the number of drops for the desired dosage level.
  4. Pour the liquid from the spoon under your tongue. Hold it for 1 minute before swallowing. 
  5. Remember not to drink or eat anything for 15 minutes after taking the dose for maximum absorption.

Food Choices

The total daily caloric intake during the core and transition phases should not exceed 500 calories.

  • Proteins – Eat 2 servings anytime during the day but not at the same time. Meat can be cooked by boiling, grilling, or broiling, but don’t use any additional fat or oils during cooking. One serving is about 100 grams weighed raw. Remove all visible fats. Allowed items are beef, veal, chicken (breast, skinless), and fish (NO eel, tuna, salmon, mackerel, herring, dried or pickled fish). 
  • Vegetables – Eat 2 servings anytime during the day but not at the same time. Best eaten with the protein serving. One serving is 2 cups for green leafy vegetables and 1 cup for other vegetables. One item per serving. NO MIXING OF VEGETABLES!
  • Fruits – Eat 2 items anytime during the day but not at the same time. 
  • Starches – Only melba toast and grissini (breadsticks) are allowed. Serving size is one melba or breadstick.
  • Fluids – For you to achieve your desired weight, it’s best to drink at least 8 glasses of water. No alcohol, carbonated drinks or juices allowed. Herbal or green tea are allowed. Coffee without sugar is also okay. 

Personal Testimony

I am a proud user of The Slim Firm’s HCG Drops and Garcinia Cambogia and being that proud made me post this one here in my blog. I know that a lot of people are struggling just to lose weight and here I am want to reach out and help others be fit and healthy.

HCG drops helped me lose for about 20 pounds in one month. But before trying this diet, I researched well to make sure how effective and safe it is to be used. I also have a friend who used this before me and I see her transform that quick. It amazed me and made me decide to try it and see it for myself.

I started using HCG last April 2014 because of curiosity. And of course for me to look good and lose weight. I tried going to the gym the year 2011 but gained my weight back after 2 years of no exercise and active lifestyle. Before going to the gym, I weighed around 185-190 pounds and that was the worst of me! By having a balanced diet together with regular exercise, I lost 34 pounds in 4 months. But still, my BMI didn’t reach the normal range. 

I was still in college those days and I gained my weight back last year before taking my board exam because all I do was to eat and eat and eat while reviewing. 

The Slim Firm changed my life once again. I was able to achieve my body by following the diet program. Sometimes, I couldn’t help myself not to cheat because at first, I really felt hungry. I lost weight without doing hardcore exercises. All I did was to eat 500-calorie meals daily. For you to have an idea what food I ate, try visiting my instagram (@hcg_nikkipatoots) account. 

I took one bottle of HCG drops and dropped 20 pounds. So from 180-183, I ended at 160 pounds. I tried doing the second round of this diet but I failed due to parties and lately, I’ve been resistant to it already. So now, I’m resting and my ending weight is around 152-154 pounds. 

 I was able to wear my old clothes again and somehow feel good about myself once more. Because of The Slim Firm, I became more confident and motivated to achieve my goal weight and inspire other girls out there.

Who to contact?

The ever friendly Apple Alegro of The Slim Firm. Get your HCG bottles and/or Garcinia Cambogia Capsules by following her at instagram (@theslimfirm), liking her facebook page and send her a message at 0917-8332765. She’s nice and a good coach as well. I’ve been sending her updates about my weight loss journey and sometimes ask her questions. She answers as soon as possible. 

Try now and see the results for yourself! Be a happy loser with The Slim Firm! 

Note: Losing weight with HCG drops depends on how you follow and focus on the protocol. You need to plan your desired program before starting your diet. Goodluck! 


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