I’m not in the mood and I’m not feeling well since yesterday. This is not me anymore. I mean, I know that this feeling is unusual. For a hyper and energetic girl like me, I’ve never thought of becoming like this – powerless, increased procrastination, over-thinking, and worse anti-social.

I must be in Batangas right now. But instead of going there, I chose to stay at home and do nothing. I planned to go swimming, have another zipline adventure, talk, laugh and bond with Kimmy but I’m not in the mood to do all things. I planned this weeks ago and I wasn’t expecting myself to switch plans and be alone here in my room.

What’s happening to me? *sighs* Something’s really wrong. But that something is not yet identified.

Thanks blog!  You never leave especially in times like this.

I want to be okay. I have to. I must. I shall.


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