I was thinking of a nice post to update this blog. As I scan through the pictures I have in Facebook, something came out my mind.

Most of my friends know and of course my family how I love singing. It has been my passion for so many years – since birth. HAHA! Well, I started singing when I was 3 and I’ve never let go of it.

Ever since, I wanted to become a singer. I want to perform on stage with live band, go on concerts, entertain huge number of people and so on. All I want is to share my talent and be known for what I can do. Not to boast but to inspire other people go on with their dreams. That was my plan.

When I turned 7, I wanted to become a church choir member. I don’t know why but I was amazed by the voices I hear every time I hear mass every Sunday. I’m curious how voices blend in different pitch, tone, and others. During that time, I told myself that one day I’ll be part of a church choir.

In order to fulfill my dreams, I joined our school’s glee club and even enrolled to a voice training school. That time, I’m learning how to differentiate pop and classical singing.

I’ve been into pop songs ever since but when I started joining the choir, I appreciated classical singing.

Here I am today. Lifting my voice to the Lord for 7 years. Thankful for having 2 groups who welcomed me to share my skills.

Serenata Choir during the Christmas Eve of 2011

I’ve been with Serenata for almost 4 years. Being with them is not that easy. From soprano, I switched to alto because of the number of members. But then again, it made me realize the flexibility of my voice. I sing with Serenata every Sunday at 6pm.

Triads during Mark’s 21st birthday celebration

Joined Triads last year because of my bestfriend, Mark. I heard they’re needing more sopranos. So there. I joined them to learn songs that I’ve never tried singing so that I can teach and share it with Serenata people when our pianist migrates. I sing with them every Sunday at 10am.

Yes. I’m attending Sunday masses twice. I’m singing for the Lord. I believe that singing is twice praying so I always find time to practice with them. But of course, hospital duty matters most. Both group understand my situation as a graduating student nurse so I think there’ll be no problem.

Serenata and Triads Choir combined (Black Saturday 2012)

I’m happy being with them. Dealing with different individuals with different character is hard but I’m doing this for the sake of serving our Lord with the talent He gave me. And I hope that I’ll be part of these group for the rest of my life. And maybe, when time comes, my future children will occupy the slots. 😉


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