Do you really need to remove someone from your heart knowing that he or she have been there for some period of time?

It’s hard but sometimes, people torture themselves in order to forget painful memories with a person who’ve been special to them. You don’t need to remove someone from your heart, you just have to accept the fact that everything had changed. If you’re not meant to be friends or to be together, then move on. I know it’s easier said than done but leaving a scar won’t do good. Don’t punish yourself by being bitter about someone who you think had ruined your life. It’s nonsense! Why not think of the good and happy memories and make the hurtful ones your inspiration to help you develop your relationship with others. Take those bad ones a lesson. If you know and sure that it’s wrong, then don’t do it again.

People come and go. But whatever happens, they already played an important role in your life. Unfortunately, not all of them exerted effort to stay.  You having a good heart, don’t be so bitter forever. Learn to forgive. If you really loved that person and if you really know the true meaning of love, you will never remove someone from your heart. Let them stay. You may not see each other or maybe don’t have any communication, as long as you remember him or her, there’s no need to punish yourself from forcing yourself to delete a person entirely from your heart.

Everyone you meet and cross along your way has a purpose. You may not know it now but eventually, you will realize a person’s worth. Sadly, people realize someone’s worth when everything is already gone.

Cherish everything before it’s too late. If there’s something to remove from your heart, it’s the painful and sad memories… Not the person.





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