I am very much inspired by different readings such as books, articles, blogs, magazines, and the likes, organize everything in thoughts and create my own synthesis about a certain topic. But now, I haven’t read any reading materials the whole day but a facebook post of someone I know triggered me to do this. 

I captured a screenshot of a sweet message from a guy to his fiance. A short story of theirs is that they were really miles and miles apart. The girl, whom is my friend, lives here in the Philippines. Her fiance lives in the States and works there. They knew each through internet. That’s it. They started their relationship online and now they’re 2 years together and planning to get married in no time.

Why did I post this? I’m just so happy for the two of them. No one can stop them from falling in love. I underlined the most touching part for me. It says “Nothing is easy and being apart on opposite sides of the world is so tough. But love and trust in God, ourselves, and what we have together and each other is enough to pull us through”. 

The entire message was sweet. I can’t imagine a man writing a bit long message for his girl. I know that girls do it more often than boys. But this one is really heart-warming. True love really exist. I don’t have to explain everything. Read it yourself and try to understand every sentence that is written there. 

It’s not about the distance and the problems they encountered, it’s about how they put God in the center, trust and believe in what they can do, and the love they have for each other. It’s all that matters.

I’m happy for the both of them. Cheers! 🙂

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