Funny how I scribble sentences on a scratch paper yesterday while waiting for an update regarding my duty schedule. Just sat on my beanbag, handed on my clipboard with piles of scratch paper (for duty purposes), and my favorite pink pen then started writing sentences beginning with “I want”. I’m lazy scanning the paper so I’ll put it here in bullets.

  • I just want someone who’ll make a cup of coffee and offer it to me when I don’t have enough sleep.
  • I want someone who’ll comfort me when I’m heating up.
  • I want someone who’ll laugh with me on stupid things.
  • I want someone who’ll love my family and friends, who’ll love my chosen career, and will love me even if I’m busy.
  • I want someone who is ready to face my parents, eat with us and see the simplest form of me.
  • I want someone who’ll guide me when I’m lost.
  • I want someone who’ll remind me if I’m doing wrong.

I wrote that without me thinking deep. It just came out my mind and as if my hand has its own brain and began jotting it down on the paper. Make sense? I think so. this would be something I’ll carry on till I find that someone. Who is this someone? I don’t know. Maybe I already knew him and already crossed my path. If not, I know God reserved him for me. 

To this someone, 

Hello there! I’ll be ready to meet you soon. 

-Nikki :*


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