There are a lot of things you can do to manage your problems and concerns which affects you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Different situations – good or bad – may pester our mind and we usually think of something to run away from those things. What if we can’t run away? What if we’re stocked? The feeling that you’re inside a box with yourself and your thoughts about how you can get out. Most of us just sit there, think about things ourselves and never let anyone know about our concerns. Some tend not to share it to their friends because of some reasons. But for me, there are lots of coping strategies we can use in order for us to face all our problems with a positive outcome. 

A problem won’t be fixed if you’ll gonna run away from it. The best way to solve your problem is to face it. I know how hard it is but it takes will and courage for you to do it. I know and some of my friends know how laid back am I in some things. But when it comes to problems, before I decide, I talk to God. He’s number one. Don’t ever forget that only God can make impossible things possible. Besides, God will not give us problems if we’re not able to solve it. All of us are given problems. And all of us have choices of how we can get through it. 

Aside from praying, I do lots of other activities in order for me to remain positive in spite of all the troubles I’m facing. Malls are everywhere. I ask some of my friends to spend time with me for a little talk, eat together, movie marathon and many others. But when I feel that I want to be alone, blog takes place.

I’ve been blogging for I think 3 years now. And this is very much helpful in releasing my stress, emotions and problems. In fact, sometimes my posts inspire other people without me being aware of it. I remember a friend of mine who asked me why I handle my life easily. I told him that I express everything in creating my own music and I let it out in a form of writing. Two things for me: (1) composing and (2) writing. Aside from my blog, I also have my journal. I don’t put everything in my blog sites but I have my journal notebook where I put everything. And sometimes, that’s my way of talking to God. I put all my concerns there and all.

While browsing my blogspot account, I was surprised that my friend was still updating his blog account. And I was the one who told him to create a blog for him to release his anger, sadness, and all other emotions he possess so that it would help him relieve it. I’m glad that he followed it up until now. One of my bestfriends is in trouble since I knew her. Her problems are hard to solve for me but I always tell her that God won’t give her that problem if she can’t face it. Then I told her to do the same – to create a blog or to have a journal. There, she had her journal and jot down notes about anger, hatred and everything else. 

It is helpful, really! Why not try it and stay away from negative coping activities like drowning yourself in alcohol and suffocating yourself from cigarette smoking. Well, that’s not coping. That’s what you call running away from your problems. Alcohol and cigarette won’t help you. Why not try expressing yourself through writing. Formal or not, creative or not, it’s all up to you. You drive your own life, don’t mind other people who are against your positive coping skills.

I hope this one will help you.

Good day! 🙂


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