I really don’t know why smoking became people’s stress reliever well in fact, it adds stress in the human body. Totoo yung sinasabi nila na 7 minutes of your life is subtracted because of a single stick cigarette. So kamusta ang buhay ng isang kaha ang hinihithit sa isang araw?! Bakit ba kasi nauso ang yosi? I’m really disappointed seeing doctors, nurses and all other medical or health allied students and workers smoke. Yes. I HATE IT. This is a student nurse speaking. 

Papaano kayo paniniwalaan ng pasyente kung kayo mismo ang gumagawa ng bawal? Think of it! You know all the consequences and all the disease related to smoking so why are you doing it? I’m sorry but this issue pisses me off. I’m not really demanding but this time, PLEASE LANG. TUMIGIL NA KAYO! I’m not speaking because I hate smokers, but I’m talking here as a future nurse. 

I don’t smoke even if I’m stressed. I never tried smoking and I will never do it. Kahit bayaran niyo pa ko ng ilang milyon, hindi ko ibubuwis ang buhay ko para lang sa sigarilyo. I may not smoke but I’m still prone to diseases because I consider myself as a secondhand smoker. Paano? Dahil sa mga tao sa paligid ko na walang ginawa kundi humithit dito at humithit doon. Aren’t you aware of possible results because of smoking? Well, ilalabas ko ang health teaching skills ko.

All health centers have this. For those who are not aware, here. It’s my pleasure providing this for you. Concern ako sa buhay niyo. Dahil sa maliliit ang description ng bawat sakit, please click here. This is an enlarged photo and readable description and explanation of each diseases.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you love your life, please please please! Tigil na po. To teens, if you plan to have your own family in the future, stop it. Kung dahil lang sa barkada kaya kayo naninigarilyo, pwes! Maraming ibang pwedeng gawin para maging masaya kayo ng mga kaibigan niyo. Hindi yung sabay-sabay niyong sinasayang ang buhay ninyo. 

I’m not obligating, begging, nor forcing you to stop right away. Maybe I sounded like that but please understand that I belong in the health team. We prevent you from acquiring these kind of diseases. If not prevent, we cure. The important thing for me is that I made an advice and warned you of what result you can get in smoking. It’s already proven and I handled a lot of patients having some of those mentioned diseases and upon my interview, smoking was the number one factor why they had their illness. So please. Concern lang po ako. Magastos magkasakit at mahirap ma-ospital. Hindi ko man kayo mapigilan, at least maalala niyo na minsan nang may “stranger” na nagpaalala sa inyo.


Your concerned student nurse,



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