To my true love,


I am sorry if I have not-so-mild mood swings. At times, you may see me very quiet and only silence will be heard from me. I know it’s unusual of me. But don’t worry, most of the time, I will make you smile until our laughter hits every corners of the room. Please understand that sometimes it’s about my hormones. I may be so “masungit” at times but don’t forget that I love you still. Just understand.

I have a great appetite for food. And by great, I mean I eat ‘til I bloat. This is so appropriate when I’m not on my dieting days. I’d rather have you cook something for me and maybe let’s cook together, than buying me gadgets and other materials you think that will make me happy. I will be but I’ll be happier seeing your efforts. Let’s not go shopping but food-tripping, road-tripping, and other outdoor activities that will make us sweat. Long walks with our hands together and short conversation will do. Let’s travel together. You might want me to have something to keep as a remembrance you may say, and that is when the camera gets into the scene. Let’s capture every single moment of us together. I’d love to compile all happy memories with you from different places and with other people close to us. Let’s have a cheap hang-out. I know where to buy best deals. Don’t worry about all these expenses, on my pay-day, we’ll do the same. You don’t need to treat me always, we don’t need to spend just for the sake of happiness. You and me, let’s make a happy life together.

When the right time comes and if ever you decide to propose to me a marriage, don’t be too cheesy and fancy. Bringing me to a restaurant then having a cake for dessert with a ring in it would spoil all the fun in eating. It wouldn’t really work for me that way. You may do it with some close friends or relatives around but not in public unless you want to be the face of shame if ever I am not yet ready to say YES. I hope that when this time comes, you’re sure to handle my heart with care and will never hurt me for the rest of our lives.

I may sound too demanding saying these but I am not really telling you what to or not to do. I just want to show you that I am not one of those women who are easily swayed with all the material things in the world. But I won’t stop you from doing things that will make me happy. It’s your duty to make me feel so special and I’ll love you for that.

Maybe we haven’t met yet, but one thing is for sure, if ever we bump to each other one day and realize that the gaps between my fingers were meant to be filled with yours, I promise to love you for a lifetime, not only because God brought you into this world for me, but because I feel for you. I’ll see you soon.

Love and kisses,

Nikki ♥


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