Looking back on my previous years, I never thought of composing original songs. I never had a formal piano tutorial and I really don’t know how to read notes. That’s why I’m not that confident when I’m asked to play in front of the audience. I just use my hearing ability and my knowledge in chords and make my fingers play when onto the keyboard.

I made a song last October 2011 and entitled it Patak ng Ulan. Then I heard about a song writing contest in ABS-CBN called Himig Handog P-pop Love Song this June 2012. Just to try my luck and capabilities, I submitted that song because I believe that it will surely touch every Filipinos. And it was accepted! I’ll wait for a month to know if it’s included for finals. 

When I arrived in church for practice, I heard my friend said “Oh ayan! Speaking of!” Then I was like, “Huh? Bakit, anong meron?” Then two of my choir mates asked me about that contest because I posted it in my facebook account. They were touched and their comments made me hold on to being positive that my song will be chosen. *Hopefully!* But win or lose, at least I tried.

Another thing! I was surprised that my friend’s niece already memorized the chorus part of the song. It’s so flattering. You know, the song is not yet chosen but people here already appreciated it. It’s something I’ll cherish.

For curious readers, here’s my song. Lyrics is posted too. Just click here.


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