My arms. 😐

Yeah. Lumiit na lahat braso na lang hindi. Nakakainis. Diet na. ULIT! DIE-T. Ayoko makita pictures ko last night with my macho arms. Daig ko pa ata ang mga bouncer sa Nu Vaine. Hahahaha! Wala lang. Nainis ako nung nakita ko mga pictures namin last night. Though I’m not that big compared before, pero gets? I think I’m gaining again. This is a NO-NO. Graduation na next year at paghahandaan ko ang mga grad pics. May creative shot! So kailangan lumiit ako ulit. Okay. Hello, nutrimeal ang unlimited fruits, veggies and WATER. 

I’ll start dying dieting now. Mark it! It’s July first! Give me one week to cope with less intake and eventually I’ll make it more for 5 months! 

Gaaaad. I lost over 50 pounds. Ayoko bumalik yun! Tama na yung bumalik ang 10-15 pero wag lahat ng nawala. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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