Wala akong crush! So sinong susulatan ko? Assume na lang? Ganun? Just for the sake of completing this challenge, I’ll assume. Okay fine. Teka wait! Ang hirap! >.< Bwisit! Wala naman akong crush at this moment eh. Mabilis lang mawala yung pagkakaroon ko ng crush. Hay naman. Sige na nga. Gagawa na ko. -_-


Dear Crush,

You’ve caught so much of my attention that made me stare at you for a moment and look at you as a whole. Looking at me makes my heart pound so much that causes me to feel breathless. I find it hard to hide my smile every time you are near. Butterflies fill my stomach when you start talking with me. I can’t help myself not get information about you from people who knows you more. But hey! I’m not into you. I just admire you because of your looks and skills, and maybe because of your good heart but I won’t fall in love with you. 

Why? I don’t fall for someone who caught my attention just like that. I don’t believe in love at first sight. Sorry. You’re just an admiration to me. No more, no less. And to tell you honestly, this admiration will not last for months. It will only last for days. Haha! 

If ever you’ll get my number (so much assuming of me), I won’t flirt with you. I’m happy if ever will end up as friends. Only friends. I don’t build special relationships with a crush because it won’t last. I’m sure of it. 

You are so perfect for me. That’s why I had a crush on you. But to compare you with the man I will love, he’s much more for reality. Maybe you’re more handsome, talented and what-so-ever, still, I don’t love you. You may be an ideal guy for me, and may be the man of my dreams but it’s much more important for me to choose someone who’ll love me for being me. And I’ll choose someone I’ll love for being who he really is. Not like you. I won’t love you because of your looks, talents, material things and so on. All I can offer is friendship.

Hope to meet you soon and be part of my circle of friends. 




Ano? Okay na ba? Hahaha! Nahirapan ako ah. Ang hirap gumawa ng sulat para sa taong hindi naman nag-eexist sa isip ko. Ano ba yan. Pinalabas lang ng challenge na ito ang creative writing skills ko. Hahaha! Anyway, there. End of day 2 challenge. 🙂


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