A question made up of simple words but has a deep meaning. That’s why it’s very difficult to answer.

Seriously, I spend hours and hours just to think of reasons and right answers to fit in this question. Thanks to my beloved friends and relatives who helped me know something about myself that sometimes I’m not aware of.

Everyone is different because of one’s looks. I believe that everyone is unique in terms of appearance. We may have look-a-likes but even twins have differences. All of us are anomalous from others because we’re all special. Special in many ways and in our own way. But for my papa, I’m confident in life and I learn good values from my family. I observe children nowadays how they treat their parents in public. It’s so sad that they never realize how their parents love them and will do anything and everything to give them good life. Well, I can say that I’m different from them. Because even though I admit that I’m not a good daughter and will never be perfect, I know how to look back on my previous years. Situations that I remember how my family taught me right manners, respect, and everything that is not learned inside the classroom. I may sometimes feel annoyed because of their actions, I’m still thankful that I’m with them. For almost 21 years of my life, I get all the love and support. 

Handling time is something I’m distinct from others. I don’t know but I’m very much confident in stating this. I’m not that serious about doing things. It’s just that I know how to prioritize things. I will not deny that I procrastinate a lot. Yeah. A LOT! I’m so laid back. I love to cram but I get irritable every time I don’t meet the deadlines. That’s why my planner’s up, my cork board is up and my timetable is fixed. I’m still procrastinating but I make sure that I do things and submit requirements on time. 

What else am I different from everyone else? I don’t know. Haha! Can’t you just answer it for me? Pretty please? Because I really don’t know. The way I sing? Naaah. The way I handle my relationship with friends? With lovers? Ohhhh! It’s something. I don’t know if there’s something unique about me when it comes to relationships. Hmmm. 

*Ting!* Lightbulb! 

Others say that I’m sossy. Most of them say that I’m so “sosyal” that they can’t reach. I asked them why they say so. Some says because of how I dress up, the friends I have, the things I own and others. Well, it’s not about all the materials I have. I can socialize with different kinds of people. Most of you see me eat on high-priced restaurants (with my family). I can eat on a turo-turo or carinderia too. I can sleep without pillows and blanket (but please allow me to wear socks). I can eat with my bare hands. And mind you guys, I don’t always use our car every time I need to go somewhere. I know how to commute. I can ride anything as long as I’m safe. I experienced standing up the whole trip when I’m riding a bus on the way to school. I’ve been robbed, fooled and touched, but at least I’m alive. What I’m trying to say here is that, even though I have a well-financed family, I know how to step down. I don’t boast, instead, I share what I have to everyone. I am indeed FLEXIBLE. I’m simple. Hard to believe? Then I say no more. Know me. 

I’m choosy when it comes to friends. I don’t choose based from economic status, looks, knowledge, profession or whatever. I choose friends who are true behind and in front of me. I pick those who understands my life status, accepts everything about me and won’t let me feel less of a person because of my mistakes and imperfections. Thus, I hug the people who laughs with me when I do something stupid and won’t tolerate me in doing things that are not good. I’m a friend any time, anywhere. Near or far, I’m still a friend. I’m someone who’ll laugh with you, cry with you, get mad when you do something illegal, and will love you forever. Just make sure not to ruin my trust. Tell me everything, painful or annoying, but not lies. I’ll end friendship when you did that. And I’m not a type of friend who loves “kampihan”. No. When you’re wrong, I’m sorry. I don’t tolerate those things. Hmm. Can you just interview my friends so you know more? Haha! Kidding aside, there are lots and lots to say but this post is getting long already.

What makes me different from everyone else as a lover? I don’t know. Maybe I have a long patience. I give chances and I have a good understanding skills. I don’t demand for free treats, everyday dates, weekly hangouts, everyday calls, every hour texts and others. If there are things I demand about, I demand for whole honesty, love, communication and loyalty. But time? Not really. Especially when I know how busy my partner is. I know how important time is for relationships. It’s the reason why most relationships end. For me, it’s not a reason. Well, I guess this is a good answer to my question. I am different from any other girls because I don’t demand that much. And here, I’m not that kind of “malambing” but I’m sweet in my own way. Hey! Can you ask my ex’s what kind of girlfriend I am? Maybe they can answer. Oh well. Can’t think of any.

I am unique. I’m God’s child. I live my life the way I want without hurting the people around me. I laugh, I cry, solve problems and be happy.


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