This post is not intended to offend people. 

Sometimes, I always think about the people around me who are acting like they just want to impress others and win a friend or the person they like. Hello? Can’t you act normal? Why is it so hard to be you. Simply you. I see some (especially ladies), wearing high heels during long walks, adventure and others. Hey! A smart fashionista won’t do that. There’s nothing wrong in wearing fabulous shoes. It’s great! But try to think of it. You are for long walks my dear. I’m not against girls wearing heels. I’m wearing those kinds of shoes too. It’s just that I wear it in appropriate place, event and other occasions. Not during field trips, 4-6 hours shopping and other situations that require you to wear something comfortable. You can be stylish by being simple. It makes you beautiful.

Another thing, wearing clothes not suitable for different places. I’m very much particular with clothes when it comes to attending church mass. We come there to respect the Lord. We’re not there to model what we wear. Dress accordingly. I hate seeing girls wearing shorts, sleeveless, short shorts, daring tops and other clothes that reveal so much of skin. I also hate seeing boys wearing jerseys, shorts, or something not good to look at during mass. Sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you people, I’m just stating a fact. There are churches which implement dress code rules. It’s reminding us that we enter the church not for party or fashion show. We’re there to hear the words of the Lord and to pray. So dress properly.

It will not make you less of a person when you don’t know how to speak in english. Maybe you know how but you’re not fluent in speaking that language. Pardon me again. I’m not saying I’m good at it. It’s just that some people sound annoying. Those girls who are conyo, I’m not against you. I’m like that sometimes. I admit. I’m pertaining to people who just do it for the sake of getting attention from other people. Mind you, people will notice you. But it’s fun when they notice you positively right? Express yourself with the language or dialect your comfortable with. It’s not about because the people around you talks in english means you are obligated to speak to them in that way too. No! Just be you. Well, if you choose to befriends with foreigners, then that’s the time to learn and try hard practice english.

Things you own will not attract your true friends and true love. Don’t act like a social climber. You don’t have to have branded shoes, clothes, expensive bags, gadgets and what-so-evers. Don’t be ashamed of who you really are. Don’t be shy if your dress is much cheaper than your friend’s dress. Or if your phone is not that techie like what your friends have. Remember: cheap or expensive, as long as it’s fine and working well, there’s nothing to feel ashamed of. 

Guys and gals, you don’t need to look rich when you’re out there with group of peers (especially when your in front of someone you really like). You just have to carry yourself well groomed, proper clothes and a smile. You don’t need to have bling-blings all over you, thick make ups, and all others. Don’t be someone who’s not like you. Don’t be someone else. Just be you. If your friends won’t accept you for who you are, then look for other friends. They’re not worth it. 

I’m just inspired to write this post because I pity those who act like they’re really seeking friends. I call them “pretenders”. My advice for those people, it’s easier to win someone when they see you as the real you. Maybe you’re thinking why some of your friends are popular and you wish to be popular too, they just act the way they’re comfortable to. They act according to what they feel and who they really are. They not act only for purpose. Don’t be so plastic. If you are popular now, keep your feet on the ground. Not all things are permanent. 

I don’t care if my clothes are bought from tiangge. I don’t care if I don’t have much money on my wallet. I don’t care if you see me without make up or at my pajamas. As long as I know myself well, there’s no reason for me to be someone else.

Much love,

Nikki :*


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