“Life is like a vehicle. When you were born, your parents and/or guardians were in control of the wheel and drive you in the direction that they think is best for you. As you age, you learn to take control of the wheel and you discover your own path. We must learn that, “no road in life goes straight”, there are always dead ends, u-turns, and breakdowns. Always keep your eyes open for signs on the side of the road you take, because they guide you. And stop every once in a while for gas, oil changes, and rust checks.” Our parents and/or guardians do all their best just to make sure that we will be able to finish our studies and have a good and the best future they always wanted. The very well-know quote, “Education is the key to success” is used merely by our grandparents to explain how important education is for each and everyone of us. But most of us students don’t seem to see the significance behind that quote. Hence, we continue to do what we want and what we know is right without realizing its future benefits.

Being a student is a roller-coaster ride. We meet different people, learn brand new things, and experience all types of situations – tough or pleasant – and all other crazy adventures. It’s not just about going to school, sit, and listen but it’s about how you deal your everyday life as a student. It’s not always about the lectures, books, and handouts given by teachers where we can learn great things. We also learn through experiences. When you did something unfavorable, you’ll eventually realize that it’s not worth your effort in doing it again. And learning from your mistakes makes you a mature and wise person in the long run.

Every person we meet has an important role in our lives – teachers, classmates, and friends to be particular. Each of them has an impact in your life. Most of the students set some of their teachers as role models, because they believe that they are the second parents who inspired them not to give up and continue to achieve the goals that they want. Choosing your friends and peers has a great function in a student’s life. You may and may not adapt your chosen friends’ values and habits but it’s something you’ll carry for the rest of your existence. It’s in the student’s choice if he or she will join good or bad group. Responsibility lies within each and every student. It’s about how the parents raised their child.

A child with a strong family bond and rose with positive values has a strong personality. Everything starts at home. He or she will carry all learned good values everywhere especially in school. In facing different situations like peer pressures or having bad influence people around, a student with sharpened mind knows how to handle his or her decisions. He knows how to behave in different kinds of places and in facing different kinds of people. Manners and behavior come together as a student develops his or her character. But in this world, nobody is perfect. Students nowadays forget some of the values they’ve learned ever since their parents taught them how to be good. Sometimes, it’s not about how the parents managed them. It’s about how they think, act, and compose their decisions to do things out of curiosity. And those things are often times not beyond the control of parents. Students learn to tell a lie and do bad things just to try something they really want. They may or may not be aware of the consequences; they still continue to do such things. Asking for too much money for unimportant things, explaining untrue stories to cover up mistakes, are examples of those things being done with some students. Drinking, smoking, gambling and worse, substance abuse are things that are hidden from parents. These mentioned things are not taught by parents but sometimes seen inside their home that’s why students unconsciously think that everything an adult do is right.

Sadly, parents work hard just to satisfy the needs and wants of their child because they thought that their child is doing what they’re expected to do. So students, let’s all look back on how we were taught to have good values and doings. Respect your parents as you want to be respected by your future children. Our parents know what’s best for us. They may sometimes sound annoying but understand them, it’s for us. All they want is for us to be a good person. Life is like a vehicle, we should drive safely and wisely.  


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