Achoooooo! *sniff sniff*

Uhh! I hate this. I can smell and taste. That’s good but my head’s spinning. Rest, I need some. But I have to go out again later. This time with my family. Good thing I can still read and type, yet I feel unwell today. After this I’ll try to sleep again. 

Yesterday was epic! I had fun with my friends and had a little serious heart-to-heart talk with mom and papa. Tears were shed. I controlled my tears but released everything to them. I felt good about it. Really.

Can’t think of words to say. My eyes are shutting. I’m breathing difficultly because of my colds. Yeah. Virus. Maybe I got this last night because of cigarettes. How I hate smokers! They’re killing me! Next to this: cough. Naaaaah! No please, no. I already finished two rolls of tissue. And I’m like crying. I still have lots of reading materials to understand here. Good thing I don’t have classes every Monday but I have to study.

Study, study, study. I have to make my final year worth remembering by having good grades. This year, I’ll be acting like a real staff nurse. No more spoon feeding. All critical thinking will be from my own brain. Whatever. 

I’ll nurse myself this time. I’m sick. 


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