Dear YOU, 

I don’t delete. I don’t block. Maybe I did but returned it back. It’s just that there’s no reason for me to feel bitter about everything that had happened. I don’t care if you’ll be able to see this (hopefully you will). What’s important is that I’m able to release everything that’s inside. 

I forgive but never forget. All the things from the past still remains. In my heart, in my mind – everything is stored. There’s a reason behind all things. I can’t say that we were really not meant for each other. We were. The thing is, we’re not meant to stay long forever together. Only God knows why this happened. Still not clear for me. Maybe that’s the hardest part – me trying to understand but never got the chance to hear enough and true explanations from you. Which is true, which is not? Which are which?! 

I was able to accept everything. Starting from the day you got so busy and really didn’t had a second to talk to me made me think that there’s something going to happen soon. I prepared myself for whatever may happen and expected things to happen. No doubts, my thoughts were right. You gave up, I was tired holding on so I ended everything. It was hard. Giving up someone you love is not easy. But I have no choice.

After a few days you asked for a second chance. I gave it because I still love you. But here you go again, failed to manage your time but I was still the same – never pressured you in giving me even a few minutes just to talk to me. I waited, and waited, and waited. Until you gave up again. Haha! Poor me, eh? You gave me shocking reasons, explanations and whatsoevers. Well, thanks for admitting that it’s you who had a problem. I appreciate that, really. It’s just that you know that all I wanted is you to be honest. I know you know that our friends knew what happened. They gave me their opinion about it. But it’s too late. You were the one who requested to delete your number and from you we heard you’ll never contact us again. For me it’s okay. But didn’t you realize the friendship you built with them? You know whom I’m talking about. THEM. It’s okay if you’ll hurt me. I can handle. But the thing is, they are your friends too. It’s not a good reason to leave them like that because of what happened to us. 

Oh well. Maybe I said a lot. And I’m not really sure if this piece of shit will reach you. I’m not mad at you. Honestly. I hate building grudges. You’re still the same for me. I mean, how I met and knew you. All are in place. I know you’re happy, I hope you are. You’re still young. You’ll meet other girls better than me. I know. As what you’ve said. It’s just hard to have a kind of relationship that we had. 

I forgot to tell you… Thank you for everything. For the efforts you’ve shown, the laughter you shared, sweet conversations, jokes that we throw, and of course for the love you gave me for the short period of time. I didn’t expected to end it soon but it already happened. Those misunderstandings and little fights we had will serve as a lesson for the both of us. Everything that had happened is a lesson for you, for me as well. I never regretted meeting you, giving my time and exert effort for you, and of course loving you. It happened. And that’s the reason why I feel okay. I don’t feel bad because we ended. I’m happy because it happened. Soon, you’ll forget me – all about me. Hmmm. I think you already did starting the day we ended our relationship. As I’ve said, I never forget. It’s all up to you.

Oh! Last thing! I never said how proud I am having someone talented like you. I was a proud girlfriend. 🙂 And now, I’m still a proud friend. Good luck to your career. I know how much you love doing that. Study hard too. I’m happy of what you will become in the future. Take care!

From, ME


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