I know I can. 🙂

No classes today but my to-do list is over flowing of tasks that needs to be done. Deadline: Next Tuesday. Today, my focus is about my research. I’ll go to the SPED school later and let my research adviser sign my communication letter. There’s no reason to be lazy right now. I have to do this for the sake of my diploma! Hahaha! I divided my time today but I’ll go somewhere so I have to change it. 

I love Tuesdays. Though I spend 8-10 hours in school for lecture, it’s okay. Basta I love my schedule! No classes every Monday. No more lecture classes every duty days. Hindi na masyadong haggard! Haggard na lang siguro kasi laging information overload? Hahaha! Or like matagal nakatayo pag duty lalo na pag toxic? But still, mabilis lang ang oras. Kaya nga ang goal ko this school year is to really fix my timetable. Like what I’m doing now. 

I have this cork board and small white board on my wall. Dun ko nilalagay lahat ng assignments, deadlines and all. Sa white board nakasulat yung time frame ko every week. Like today, ang nakalagay dun 9-12nn research revision. Eh natapos ko agad yung revision, so may free time ako ngayon. It’s a good practice for time management. Para nagagawa mo pa rin ang gusto mo pag may bakante kang oras. It’s a matter of prioritization. Yes. Hindi lang sa nursing applicable yun. Hahaha! Applicable sa lahat ng bagay ang pagbibigay priority sa lahat ng gagawin, desisyon o kung ano pa man. Ang mahalaga, masaya ka at walang naiiwang iba. 

Okay. Time to prepare and leave the house. Pag uwi ko mamaya, balik research work na naman. This is life. This is nursing. And I’m loving it! ♥


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