There are so many reasons to smile, so many things to enjoy to and make yourself busy about, and true friends who remain true and continue to love you. Plus, your ever supportive family to make you feel your loved even if you’re not perfect. In fact, God is also there to guide you and move forward as you go along your journey.

Why am I saying this? It’s just that I was touched by papa’s comment in my changed relationship status in facebook. I never expected to receive such message from him and never knew that he knows that I was in a relationship. Besides no one here in my family knows. Although I’m allowed to enter a relationship, I just didn’t tell any of them as requested by my ex-boyfriend. 

You know, I don’t feel any bitterness in my heart. I was just prepared ever since of what may happen to me next. I didn’t lack in prayers and God’s guidance. I pray every now and then to ask for His Holy Spirit to be with me overcome all. I was hurt and shocked about everything I knew but before I slept last night, everything changed. I prayed once again and thanked Him for everything. All things happen for a reason. It’s just that it was not meant to last that long but still it happened. It’s the bright side of that. If there’s one thing that I’ll regret, it’s the chance I gave to the person who asked for it but never exerted an effort to prove that he’s deserving. So that made me decide not to hold on. Enough of me being fooled or whatsoever reason he may have. I just did my obligation as a girlfriend and never thought of playing around or do something that might hurt him but then again, the relationship didn’t work out. Everything is because of his problem, not mine.

I’m okay. Really. 



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