Have you thought of entering a world full of strangers? Or have you experienced risking some point in your life wherein you have to talk to people you don’t know or you don’t even see and share part of you that only your trusted friends know? How far can you go? Will you remain the same or pretend to be someone who you are not?

Funny how I met different types of people from all over the world Philippines. And these strangers turned out to be my friends. You know, technology nowadays are evolving too fast where almost all communications are through cellphone and of course, computer. Good thing internet connections are all over. In just a few clicks, you’re online. And most of us – especially today’s generation – can’t live without these technologies. 

Enough of the technologies. I’m pointing out how I enjoyed making friends with people who are miles away from me. But though they’re far, we enjoyed chatting, text messaging, group calls, and a lot more in sharing stories about ourselves. It’s amazing how I gave my trust to these people. Personality wise, I really choose whom to call friends. I’m sick of fake people. But meeting different persons from different places (through internet chatting) made me realize that there are still good people behind the monitor. 

What am I talking about? Months ago, I entered this site unintentionally. I was doing a report then suddenly I was already there. At the bottom of that site was a chatroom. Yeah. A chatroom. Because of my curiosity, I tried going there. Typed different name and observe what’s in there. Then I saw many people chatting, exchanging jokes and whatsoever conversation they had and it made me think that those people know each other. People there welcomed me, talked to me and asked questions to know me. But I knew how risky it was giving information to people you don’t know and you don’t see. I don’t wanna elaborate things anymore but as weeks had passed, someone invited me to enter the world of “Belowzero”. 

Belowzero is the former “tambayan” and from there I gained friends and meet people all over the country. Of course not all of them are my friends but I selected special people who are now close to my heart. You know, even though I haven’t seen most of them, I treat them like my friends here. I share some happenings in my life, crack jokes, share my talent, and sometimes open up problems. And these wonderful people are there when I need them and less assured, I will always be here for them. It’s just hard that my so-called friends are so far from me. But one this is for sure, I’m a one text away. My phone is 24/7 on. I may not answer right away sometimes but when they need someone to talk to, I will be available.

Some people won’t believe how crazy thing like this happen. I don’t care. It’s just that God lead me to these people. And I believe that these people play an important role in my life. One day, in God’s perfect time, we’ll all be out of this cyber world and meet personally and together continue fun, laughter and adventure together. Because of these people, I was able to know myself more and honestly, I’m not afraid to show them who I really am. We treat each other in that room a family. Those same old names who keep on going back are very special to me, of course the owners.

To Raii, Manel, Jeff, Rose and especially Lie, you guys are THE BOMB! You guys have a special place in my heart – forever. Everything is different when one of you is not present. Seriously. I know we have different priorities in life, but hey. Let me remind you, we may not see each other but I’m always here, promise. Batukan niyo ko pag hindi. Haha! Hold on to this: if we’re really meant to be friends for forever, God will lead us there. He will! He made us meet in this manner, unexpectedly. And maybe one day, we’ll see each other somewhere in one place UNEXPECTEDLY. Tiwala lang. Na-inlove nga ako ng di ko inaasahan eh, ang makita pa kaya kayo. One more thing, I always pray for that day to happen. Wait for me till I graduate, I’ll visit your place! Be surprised! Haha! I love you guys. And to you, the most special being there, I love you. :*

*Group hug!*


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