I’m thankful because I have God-given gifts like singing, song writing, creative writing and a lot more. I’m proud of what I can do but I never used these skills in making other people down. Why should I? Messing other people’s life is just a waste of time. You have your own life then why not waste it than exerting time and effort in making other people’s lives miserable. Funny you on how you do things secretly. Hey! May I just remind you. God is watching so be careful.

I hate it when my friends seek for help or advice just because other people stab them behind with untrue and painful sayings. All I can say is, don’t be affected. Those shits are not worth your time. There’s nothing good in reflecting on things that you know are not true about yourself. You know yourself better than the other people. Choose right friends. But wait, why do these crazy people do these things? 

Insecurity. Because some of your so-called friends have the same skills that you possess, some of them are threatened of what you can do. Like because they know that you’re better than them, they’ll do everything to bring you down. If you feel that there’s someone doing this to you, smile. Don’t mind them. Just prove them wrong. Do your thing and make other important people proud of you. It’s the happiness and achievement that counts. If you fail, don’t give up. Try again. There’s nothing wrong in trying. Risk it! If you know it’s worth fighting for then go! Besides, successful people experienced failures.

Sometimes, backstabbing is triggered by you being unaware of your own actions. I can’t blame other people on what they’re saying if you’re the one who’s wrong. Maybe you think you know all about yourself even if you’re not. That’s why it’s a good thing to have someone in your life who’ll remind you and guide you on different situations that crosses you. Hello? God created best friends, right? So you better choose the right one. I know I’ve created a lot of posts regarding this issue. Be wise in choosing your companion. They are part of your life. Choose negative people, your life will be stagnant. But when you choose positive people, you’ll be influenced to go on with your life and be a good person your parents wished for. 

*Last post before going to church. 


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