Nikki Reyes – Dream


I made this song for someone so special. Too bad I wasn’t able to let him hear this. I can’t think of a perfect title for this one but the lyrics goes like this:

Every night before I sleep I’m thinking of you / Trying to capture your smile and what you do / And when I close my eyes / I feel that you’re with me

But it’s only a dream / I know it can be true / One thing I’ll ask more / I hope you feel this too

That I’m special for someone like you / I’ll try to hold on for me to stay with you / One day I’ll face you telling that I love you / But I’m afraid to lose you

I’m sorry if I typed it this way. 

Uhh. I miss him. A LOT. 

A good sound was produced because of true emotions. Thanks for those who liked it and listened to it for several times. You guys inspire me to create my own music. Thanks! 🙂


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