“Being single is much better than being lied to, cheated on and disrespected”. Just saw this statement a couple of minutes ago from facebook. And this made me feel like blogging again. 

Is being single a big deal? Or should I say, is being in a relationship a big deal? I’ve been single and been committed several times already so I guess I can differentiate these two different things based from my own experiences and beliefs. I’ll repeat, from my OWN EXPERIENCES AND BELIEFS. We have different opinions so if ever find this post disagreeable for you, I’m sorry. This is my own point of view.

Single. Being single is not always about break ups or heartaches. It’s sometimes a choice. Single doesn’t mean that you’re alone. Hell no! You have friends, you have you’re family, it’s just that having this kind of status means that you’re free and not committed to anyone. You tend to maximize your time well when you’re not committed, right? You have a lot of time to do things your own way. All I’m talking about here are all positive things about being single. To me, being single is fine. You won’t be able to worry about giving time for your partner because all you think of is about your stuff. This is the best time to love and know yourself more. It’s a stage of preparing yourself to share your love to someone who’ll make you feel special. This is a period where you re-invent yourself from previous heartaches, move on, appreciate other things around you and a lot more. There’s no reason for you to hate life when you’re single. It’s really part of everyone else. Each one of us experience sad situations and encounter problems and we’re not limited to express our feelings. But it’s not reasonable for you to make your life so miserable when you’re single. Hey! Cheer up. There’s more to life. God has a good plan for you. Just wait, it will come your way. Let God do it. Trust him.

In a relationship. It’s a very nice feeling when you know that someone treats you special. Not just special but the feeling is much more different when you hear someone tells you “I love you” or “you’re special” or any other kinds of sweet notes or messages. It’s like there’s another reason for you to wake up every morning and can’t wait to spend time with your love. I’ve been there. I felt it and being in a relationship is amazing. You’re inspired to do things. Being in a relationship has pros and cons. It’s either you’ll be inspired or you’ll make your world revolve on your partner and make your own life ruined. It happens! It’s just about how you handle your time and relationship. For young aged people who enter relationship, there are instances that one of the couple will lose focus on their studies and other things. That’s the disadvantage of being in a relationship IF you don’t know how to handle it properly. But for the mature ones, this status in life is a preparation for marriage and being stable with one another. This is where you build dreams together and talk about your future without having negative effects on your personal work. You must understand that you’re still different individuals and your love for each other makes you one. A healthy relationship needs two mature minds, trust, understanding, a little of time and of course, love. 

You encounter problems in both status. It’s a choice if you solve it alone if you’re single or confide your feelings to a friend or relative and it’s the best to solve problems together when you’re in a relationship. But still, it depends upon the situation. 

Whatever status you have right now, be happy. There are so many reasons to make your existence extraordinary. Love will always be there. Don’t build grudges. Appreciate life. People come and go but always remember, God has a plan. Never forget to pray.

Going back to the quote above, you’re not being lied to, cheated on and disrespected only if you’re in a relationship. Hello? We have this so-called fake friends right? It happens to everyone, single or taken. It’s a matter of how you’ll handle situations like that.

Things to remember:

  • Have an open mind. 
  • Be patient.
  • Prepare yourself for being hurt. 
  • Love yourself.
  • Accept all imperfections. 
  • Pray.

I guess that’s all. 

Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated. 🙂

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