• Sometimes, you expect that person to comfort you and initiate the conversation. But you end up nothing to talk about.
  • Sometimes, you expect a person to tell you how much they miss you. But then again, you failed.
  • Sometimes, you think that everything’s okay even if you’re bleeding inside. You just don’t like somebody to be worried what’s happening to you.
  • Sometimes, you have to be quiet and solve your problems alone.
  • Sometimes, you need to know even the most negative thing about yourself and reflect on it. From there you’ll learn and grow as a person.
  • Sometimes, you feel that no one can understand your life dramas. But the thing is you never tried talking to your most trusted person.
  • Sometimes, you have to act tough even if you feel down.
  • Sometimes, you have to stay strong even if you’re afraid on what will happen next.
  • Sometimes, we pretend to be okay even if we’re not.
  • Sometimes, you do things beyond your control.
  • Sometimes, other people look at your mistakes and feel that you can’t change it. Just prove them wrong.
  • Sometimes, you give advice to your problematic friends without them knowing you have bigger problems than them.
  • Sometimes, you feel you have to remain silent because you think that your friends will tell you that it’s just another drama of yours and you just don’t want to waste their time.
  • Sometimes, you feel like crying but your tears just don’t fall.
  • Sometimes, you think that you can’t do it but you can. You just need someone to boost your self-confidence.
  • Sometimes, you believe that the people around you are permanent. Everything is temporary.
  • Sometimes, even if your optimistic enough to handle each trial that goes along your way, there’s a time you feel like giving up and have negative thoughts.
  • Sometimes, the people you call friends are the one’s stabbing you at your back without any idea of what you did wrong to them.

Sometimes… sometimes… How often are these situations happen?

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