Gifts are easy to give but a present to remember is hard to come by. But unlike what most people would think, memorable gifts do not always come with an exorbitant price tag. In fact, the opposite is often true. Presents that make a lasting impression are ones that are finished with a little personal touch that’s easy to do and quite cheap to make. So if you’re looking to add that special something to a present that your special someone will remember through the years, listen up because we have some cheap tips for you to try.

WRAP IT UP. You don’t need to gift-wrapping finesse of the ladies manning the gift counters at Rustan’s and the Wrap Shop to come up with a noteworthy cover for your gift. All you need is plain kraft paper, some colorful ribbons and markers in any color you like. Customize your kraft wrapper by scribbling meaningful notes on it. It could be inspirational quotes, pet names of your significant other, or even private jokes that you share with your giftee. As long as you choose something that has personal relevance to you both, we guarantee that your gifted will laugh, cry, smile, and most likely keep that gift wrap as a memento.

STICK IT GOOD. Kathleen of the blog Twig and Thistle ( created adorable Valentine’s Day stickers to put on fruit, with phrases like “You’re the apple of my eye” and “I’m going bananas over you.” In the same vein, you can make similar stick-ons that can make the most mundane present instantly precious. Try “I’m nuts about you” on a pack of Nagaraya or a small bag of chocolate covered almonds, or “You’re the sweetest!” on your special someone’s favorite chocolate bar. Sneak it into their bag or smuggle it on their work desk. It’s bound to make them smile.

TAKE A SNAP. Why not insert a photo together with your present? It can be something as simple as a photo of the two of you, a snap of a place where you’ve shared great memories, or a delicious meal you enjoyed on a date. If you can recall the date and the place where the photo was taken, right it down on the back. Jotting down your recollections of the photo is another great way to share your reminiscings. A simple photo card like this can make any generic present instantly personal.

GIVE IT A HAND. In an age where emails have taken over personal correspondence, nothing beats a simple, heartfelt and handwritten note. Instead of dashing off a quick and generic “Happy Birthday!” or “Thanks so much for everything!” try a little harder and write a note that expounds on why you’re giving the present and the reasons why that person is special to you. You don’t need to write a novella. It can be short, but it has to be sincere. And if you’re feeling extra creative, adorn your note with doodles for that humorous touch that’ll still elicit an “awwww….”


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