Those of us who have to-do lists usually manage them constantly, or make them as long as possible. While it feels good to check items off the list, it feels horrible having items that never get checked off.

This is all useless spending of mental energy, because none of it gets you anywhere.

A better system would be to break free from that to-do list and focus on “The One Thing System”.

Wake up in the morning, and decide what One Thing you’re excited about.

Then focus on doing that, pushing everything else aside, clearing distractions, and allowing yourself to get caught up in the moment.

Don’t worry about what else is on your list, because there’s only One Thing on your list. You don’t have to check EVERYTHING off, because you only have ONE THING to do. You don’t have to worry about things not getting done, because you just do the only thing you want to do – if you didn’t want to do it, it wouldn’t be your One Thing.

If you happen to finish your One Thing early, you can slack off for the rest of the day, or you can pick your next One Thing.

What about the other things you need to do? What if you forget them?

Make a list of possible things to do, or routine tasks that need to get done for one reason or another. If you do make this list, don’t consider it a to-do list, but just keep it as a reminder, and don’t spend any time other than adding things to it and possibly checking it once a day.

Forget about all the things you need to do… except the One Thing you’re passionate about, right now.


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