32 Flavors, Ani DiFranco. This song reminds everyone of the beautiful complexity women are made of – how every bella can be one thing and be capable of becoming something unpredictable and totally unexpected of her seeming personality. As the title suggests, 32 Flavors pinpoints how there’s certainly no black and white, no limits to what a girl can be. You simply have to get to know her closely, grab every opportunity to understand where she’s coming from and take a peek of her core. In the end, you might surprise yourself as you find out your perception has been totally different from what she’s really made of.

Firework, Katy Perry. Pop music can speak to its listeners so well, no wonder hits like this get played over and over again. Whether or not you’ve LSS-ed on this song for the past year or so, Firework reminds every bella not to lose hope because inside her is a bright light waiting for its chance to create a captivating and luminous spark, if only she wills it. Diva or not, every girl has a promising value in her that only needs to be recognized – both by the people around her and most importantly, by her own self.

Born This Way, Lady Gaga. Controversy aside, Lady Gaga knows how to capture in a song what most people feel but couldn’t outwardly express. In a catchy beat, she tells us all: “There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are” as she claims “there ain’t no other way, I was born this way.” The song eliminates insecurities and makes way for confidence reminding bellas not to worry about what other people think. Instead, she wants every girl to reach out to her ambition and live out as she was born to be: a superstar – any which way you look at it.

Unwritten, Natasha Bedingfield. No anthem can be more optimistic than this as the song celebrates the power in you. It reminds every bella that no one else can be more responsible for your feelings and your actions but yourself in each day that comes along. As the song goes: “live your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins – the rest is still unwritten.”

Let Go, Frou Frou. A great song on a terrible day can be truly uplifting – and Let Go is one of those songs that can truly pick you up when circumstances don’t let you have things go your way. When bellas get stumped by a dead end or a wrong turn, the best thing to do sometimes is to simply let go. Things happen inevitably but it’s alright – for after all, there are beautiful things to learn in mistakes and mishaps. When you’re in the worst of times, there’s no way to go but up.


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