Classic dates go a long way – they’re romantic, cheesy, and perfectly cut for a Hollywood movie. But it’s not just the guys who can pull off those surprise candle-lit dinners paired with big bouquets of red roses. Even sweet and thoughtful bellas can opt to be on top of things every once in a while.

Show off your romantic side by offering to be the princess of date planning. Be a belle by not letting your prince do all the work all the time as you show him how you want a date to be done.

Be in the know. Turn into your own lifestyle guru as you skim through you social networking sites, browse through glossies and read the news pages. In no time, you’ll be acquiring nuggets of dating wisdom without having to try so hard. At this day and age, word-of-mouth also allows you to hear fresh and reliable feedback from people you trust the most – your friends. It’s good to know that this particular “A list” restaurant you’ve always wanted to try offers bad service that isn’t worth your time nor money. Plus, your guy would be definitely in for a surprise when he finds out you know what you want – whether it be about great food, breathtaking location or what new thing to do, and you know how to get it.

Compromise. Taking over plans doesn’t mean everything has to go your way. Consider your date’s personality and kind of lifestyle. Don’t force him into something totally out of his comfort zone. Manage your decision-making in such a way both of you would be at ease, have fun and make a date to remember.

Be comfortable. As much as you want your date to go as smoothly as you can, not everything can be perfect. If things don’t go as planned, keep an open mind and learn to relax. What’s important, after all, is that you both enjoy each other’s company. Laugh it out instead of being so hard on yourself. As long as you stay calm and collected and don’t let your emotions overrun the moment, there’s more than enough room for magic to happen.

Spread the news. Once you discover a new food haunt or a cozy hang-out, inspire other bellas to follow suit. Spread the romance and the thoughtfulness to those who might also be on the lookout for new date places and new romantic ideas. You’ll be surprised that next time you bump into your friends, they’ll be the one sharing new places of date info with you!


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