1. Don’t crash a party. It’s not going to be a sign of coolness but of immaturity. Going to a party uninvited would give you a bad reputation that would last not only for a night. Gatecrashing could ruin your credibility among your peers and the people who might know you through them. 
  2. Do RSVP. After receiving an invitation, reply as soon as you get a clear view of your schedule, and after making sure you don’t have conflicting events to attend.
  3. Do ask questions early on. If you are unsure of the details found on the invite, ask the host way in advance about the things you need to know – such as what kind of party is it or are you allowed to bring a plus one? Knowing the right pieces of information will let you prepare for the best and make the most of the event.
  4. Do dress accordingly. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb so better be doubly sure than sorry. Couldn’t figure out the right thing to wear? Double check the dress code, give the host a call and don’t be afraid to ask.
  5. Do bring a gift. Especially if the event you are going to is your close friend’s birthday or your favorite couple’s wedding anniversary, bring them a token that will touch their hearts and remind them of how you’ve been a sweet and supportive friend through and through.
  6. Don’t forget to mingle. Why get dressed for a party if you’re not game to socialize? After greeting the host, feel free to meet the other guests and make way for small talk. There’s no harm in trying to gain new friends – kick off by asking how they’re connected to the host and find out if you have other friends in common. Don’t forget to smile.
  7. Don’t be a demanding guest. Practice common courtesy and act as you would want your guests to act in events where you would play as the host. Manage the volume of your voice, contain your body movements and ask politely if ever you’re in need something.
  8. Do have fun. If you’re single, parties are great places to meet new boys who might make for wonderful dates. Be fun and a little flirty and don’t be scared to exchange numbers if you’re up for it.
  9. Don’t drink more than you can. Follow the label: drink moderately! Don’t abuse the free-flowing alcohol if you don’t want to look like a major wreck in all of the party photos. Don’t give others a good reason no to invite you to their special occasions.
  10. Do bid the host adieu before you leave. Share how fun the event was for you and express your heartfelt gratitude for having been invited.

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