1. Thou shall not wear head-to-toe color. Sure, we’re all for an all-white or an all-black ensemble – fashion arbiters know this getup makes a statement. But this ensemble can get boring – so add a pinch of color, such as a statement bling, an eye-catching bag, or shoes.
  2. Thou shall not be a victim of fleeting fashion fads. Avoid fashion overkill and simply mix a few key trends with your basic style, say, platform booties with your trusty skinny jeans.
  3. Thou shall invest in basics. The mother of all fashion commandments. What’s a wardrobe without the basics? Do stock up on basics: white, fitted tees; the perfect pair of jeans; black pumps; black pants or trousers; the LBD (little black dress).
  4. Thou shall have fun with fashion. Dare to try out various styles. If you’re still not sure, get the help of your fashionista friend. Who knows, your pal’s enthusiasm and expertise may just rub off on you.
  5. Thou shall master the art of self-confidence. Observe the fashionistas around you. They may not be the trendiest dressers around, they may not sport stick-thin, model-like figures, but they pull off what they wear because they’re comfortable with their trademark look. So, do believe that you can rock your own style as well. Remember, it’s all in the attitude!
  6. Thou shall love one’s body. Stop berating yourself for having a puson or not being thin enoug to compete in America’s Next Top Model. Love your body, your shape, your natural color – this’ll help you figure out what your signature style is (see number 7).
  7. Thou shall play up one’s assets. If you’ve got envy-worthy legs, strut in heels or minis. If you’ve got a graceful-looking collarbone, wear tops that draw attention to them. If you’ve got toned arms, sport them in sexy sleeveless tops. As they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!
  8. Thou shall embrace the importance of accessories. Olivia Palermo of MTV’s The City has been quoted saying, “Everyone thinks it’s clothes that make a look, but it’s really the accessories.” Now this is one fashionista who’s got that damn straight.
  9. Thou shall always be well-groomed. Keep this in mind: You may be the most stylish Bella around, but if you have a unibrow, serious bed-head (and not on purpose), and skin resembling a greasy pan, you might as well wear a bag over your head.
  10. Thou shall honor underwear. Nude undergarments are a must if you’re wearing black or white, T-shirt bras to be worn with seamless tops, and g-strings, thongs, or seamless panties for low-slung, hip-hugging jeans to avoid that dreaded VPL. It’s not just on the outside that counts, but on the inside as well.

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