No need to apologize for…

  1. Looking good: Wanting to look your best all the time is not a sin. It’s only natural for girls to aim to be presentable, especially when going out on a date or when applying for a job. Anyone who loves herself knows how important it is to look great. After all, your physical appearance is the first sign that you take care of yourself and it can also be a good source of confidence.
  2. Staying fit: Strive for a well-rounded lifestyle. Active girls are go-getters who aren’t afraid to try physical activities which allow them to be on top of their health. The next time a new sport or a trendy exercise inspires you, don’t hesitate whether it’s a girl thing or not. Take on a new adventure and enliven your physical well-being.
  3. Saving up: Turning down a night out every once in awhile isn’t something to be sorry about. Being careful with your money doesn’t mean you have to miss out an all the fun. It only means you’re more insightful about where to rightfully spend the money you worked hard for.
  4. Your body shape: Avoid creating your own pitfalls. More than letting insecurities get in the way, learn to love your own body – it’s the only one you’ve got. Come to realize that nobody’s perfect and not having that model figure isn’t going to stop you from living a full life.
  5. Looking for Mr. Right: Never settle for anything less than what you deserve when it comes to love. Find that someone whom you’ll accept as he is and love as much as you can. Just make sure you don’t put your expectations for your dream guy too high, or else you’ll be left dreaming.
  6. Giving in to your food cravings: Don’t deprive yourself of the good life. Starving your way to a sexier shape may give you quick results but will leave you feeling depressed. With the wide range of choices being offered to health buffs now, pick alternatives that will let you munch on delicious and healthy snacks and which will make you happy.
  7. Partying all night: Have a share of the good times while you’re still young. If you’ve been spending too much time doing overtime work or cozying up with your boyfriend, loosen up a bit from your regular routine. Have an all-nighter with friends you’ve dearly missed and remind yourself of the perks of being a young and carefree woman – a memory you’d surely cherish as you get older.
  8. Making mistakes: After a bad fall, learn to pick yourself up – it’s the only way to go on with your life. Leave the ugly memories and forget about the scars – but always remember the lessons you have learned during the process. Value these experiences because these are the marks that make you who you are now and will dictate how you will act in the future.

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