With adulthood comes responsibility, we all eventually have to grow up. Know how to take care of ourselves, after all our maid, mom, dad, brother or even boyfriend can’t be there all the time. Here’s some basics to remember:

Be a prepared and conscious driver. Avoid road mishaps by being a smart driver. Take time to prepare and always be careful, remember it’s better to be safe than sorry!

a. Do a simple car-check before setting off with your wheels. Check your tires, test your brakes, and keep a note on when to change the oil and when to fill up your tank.

b. Familiarize yourself with the routes you take. Don’t overlook basic driving laws that save a great deal of lives: buckle up, follow the speed limit and don’t drive after some alcohol intake or while using your phone.

c. Keep your doors locked at all times while on the road, and don’t make unnecessary stops especially at night. Be conscious of cars around you and be wary of salisi gangs who signal you to haphazardly stop. During night or long-distance trips, only stop over at gas stations where there are relatively large number of people whom you could call attention to if ever you need assistance.

Be a domesticated goddess. Learning simple household skills can be a rewarding act. When you’re out on your own or staying with other people while on travel, the most basic life skills can veer you away from unwanted stress, save you a good deal of time – and even money too.

a. Know how to do your own laundry. Any independent woman needs this skill – especially when you get a job which entails a lot of traveling for over a period of time; or maybe even a clothing emergency. As a bonus, keep in mind that this physical task helps tone your muscles minus the pricey gym fees!

b. Learn to cook up mean Pinoy dishes. Manage your way in the kitchen as you get to prepare sinigang, adobo or menudo – classic favorites that can impress house guests, clients or even your boyfriend’s mom!

Be a girl scout. Always being a step ahead can make a big difference not only to your personal life but also to your community’s welfare.

a. Disaster-proof your home. Anticipating the worst can help save your home and more importantly, your lives, in case catastrophes strike. Know safety measures against a ravaging storm, flash flood, fire or even earthquake. Equip your place with batteries, flashlights, fire extinguishers, AM radios, a gallon of water, and maybe some canned goods. Also keep a handy list of emergency numbers.

b. Go green and mean it. Play your part in everyone’s battle to preserve the remaining beauty of our planet. Minimize plastic consumption. Always bring a reusable water bottle when you’re out. Grab a hold of those stylish eco-friendly bags perfect for shopping. Reuse scratch papers. Just being more conscious in your general consumption, can help you reduce, reuse and recycle in simple ways.


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