Hello, I’m Nikki!

There are so many things about me. But yeah, for the sake of completing this challenge, I’m tasked to write something about myself. 

Here’s a little about me…

  • I was born on November 29, 1991.
  • I am fixated with color pink and hello kitty. At this age, I’m still collecting things that are pink-colored and that about with hello kitty.
  • Singing is my passion, a talent that I’m in love with. 
  • I love going to parties and organizing small one.
  • Jell-o is my comfort food.
  • I love taking pictures.
  • Mess with my friends, you mess with me.
  • I think twice before finalizing my decision.
  • People misinterpret my facial expression and actions which give them a negative impression about me. 
  • I’m a jealous person because I’m loyal.

I guess this is enough for now. One thing before I end this post: KNOW ME AND BE CRAZY! 🙂


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