THE RIGHT FIT (Finding an Exercise Routine that Suits You)

Getting fit starts with a fitness routine that matches your lifestyle. If you neither have the time nor patience for non-stop sweat sessions, there are still plenty of simple but effective ways to keep you in shape. Find yourself en route to a healthy lifestyle by following these easy steps.

  1. Make room for exercise. Don’t start off by saying you don’t have enough time. Sacrifice a little – wake up earlier than usual or spend less time in front of social networking sites. If you work long hours on weekdays, short but high-intensity activities like running for at least 20 minutes will get you through. On weekends, make-up for the little time you have during weekdays by having low-impact routines such as walking around the mall or signing up for beginner’s yoga.
  2. Sample everything. If an activity raises your curiosity, don’t pass up the opportunity to test it out. A good starting point to detect the best fitness regimen for you – whether it’s doing light exercises early in the morning, or having challenging weekends with various classes after work – will let you find out what really allows you to have the most fun and be more productive.
  3. Walk this way. Simply staying out of the chair as much as possible will affect the rate of your metabolism. Don’t stay idle. Make an effort to be active instead of just extending your arms when you want to reach something, approach a co-worker when you have questions instead of using phone or skip ordering food delivery when you can walk to your favorite restaurant that’s only a block away.
  4. Be realistic. Set goals that you know you can achieve. Having unrealistic objectives will lessen your will to carry on with your fitness plan. Pick on what aspects you want to work on and focus on that goal – whether it’s whittling down your waist or toning your arms and legs. If you know early on that you want to ease out the growing tension in your mind and body, then a little research will tell you that Ananda yoga is the best activity for you. If you want a speedy remedy for a fat tummy, then a daily dose of cardio (kick off the first week with brisk walking then as your body adjusts, move on to running) will quickly burn those unwanted calories.
  5. Find a buddy. Having a regular exercise partner for your fitness routine will make it less like a task and more like a fun, bonding activity. Invite a close friend to join you for an after-work brisk walking session or and early morning run around your neighborhood. If you have conflicting weekday schedules, gather your friends once a month during weekends for an energy-boosting get-together such as playing Frisbee, swimming or even football.

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