Bangs are a great way to jazz up a ho-hum hairstyle, but most Bellas are afraid to make the cut, so to speak. Admittedly, getting a fringe – especially if you’ve been so used to having no bangs for long – is quite daunting. But fret no more: We’ve researched on the best type of bangs to go with your face shape, hairstyle, and hair texture.

Oval. Bellas with oval-shaped faces are lucky – almost every hairstyle looks good on them. Super short, blunt bangs work best for them. But take note: this type of fringe goes well with straight, sleek hairstyles – pairing them with super-curly strands (especially if you have short, curly hair) is a no-no. If you have semi-curly hair, keep the waviness to a minimum. Just get a few loose, wavy tendrils coupled with a severe fringe instead.

Round. Side-swept bangs are ideal for round-shaped gals, as they provide a contrast to the roundness of the face. These are also low-maintenance, since all you need to do is make sure your bangs are swept to the sides. And the best thing? You won’t need to fear looking unkempt once they start growing out, because then you can just tuck them behind your ear.

Plus, if you want to put a little twist into side-swept bangs, ask your stylist to cut it such that it starts out super short at one end, gradually progressing to longer lengths on the other end. This’ll definitely camouflage the width of your face and make it appear narrower.

Square. Like round-shaped Bellas, those with squarish jaws will benefit most from side-swept, angled bangs as these will make the face appear narrower. Also, wispy fringes will soften the sharp angles of your face. If you want to get super short bangs, make sure you pair them softer, wavy strands as otherwise your look may become too severe.

Heart-shaped. Side-swept bangs are every heart-shaped Bellas best bet, as these will draw away attention from a pointy chin. to balance out your face shape, complement your bangs with medium-length to long hair; too short a cut will emphasize the head’s crown.

Avoid super short and blunt bangs. Heart-shaped gals usually have high foreheads, so super short, blunt fringes will only emphasize the roundness of the face.

Narrow. Opt for longer bangs so as not to make your face look longer. The ideal length of bangs for narrow-shaped face is that they fall right on your eyebrows or a few centimeters lower. Wispy bangs also soften the face overall. Avoid pairing your bangs with too-long, straight strands as these, once again, will only highlight the length of your face. So if you want to rock your bangs with long hair, make sure that your strands are wavy and have volume.


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