Uhh! I miss Jiro. I’m thinking about him now because I really miss playing with him. Jiro is a playful dog. He jumps off the couch and play with his toy. He wiggles his tail whenever I call him and licks my foot when he wishes to run with me. He rests his head on me whenever I carry him. Awww. I just miss him and I want him to be back here and stay here forever.

One week isn’t enough. Having a dog here makes me realize how to manage my time well. Dogs are stress relievers! 🙂 They’ll love you when you show them love and care.

Jiro wasn’t home when I arrived from school. I looked for him but my mom told me that my papa got him and bring him back to Cavite. I really felt bad about it, seriously.

Now that I woke up early, I’m thinking about him. Because every time I eat my breakfast, I make sure that he’s eating his too. I always prepare his water before I leave the house. He’ll stay at our staircase and when I get back and call his name, he’ll run as fast as he can and make me carry him.

I love him. And I want him to be here again… 😦


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