Hollywood’s Love Lessons

#1 Overcome obstacles

   Sleepless in Seattle, inspired by the 1957 romance classic An Affair to Remember, is a timeless flick in its own right. The hit movie serves as a testament to how love makes the impossible within your reach, and how people who believes in you will help you along the way.

#2 Keep it real

  Don’t lose yourself in a relationship, advises love guru Carrie Bradshow in Sex and the City. The 2008 movie adaptation and its 2010 sequel is an off-shoot of the long-running TV series based from the novel of the same name. Four glamorous New Yorkers remind hopeless romantic Bellas that as in fashion, it’s okay to go with the flow when falling in love but don’t forget who you are in the process. The relationship you have with yourself best defines who you are and will help lead you to finding your own Mr. Big.

#3 Learn to deal with imperfections

   The 2007 romantic comedy Knocked Up emphasizes one true lesson: life is not perfect, deal with it. Surprising things and unexpected people get in the way but even if events don’t turn out as we envisioned them to be, love has a way of putting the perfect twist to out not so perfect lives.

#4 Don’t let money get in the way

   After watching the 1993 Indecent Proposal, learn to overpower your insecurities. Don’t let your shortcomings get the best of you. One may not have the most money in the world but remind yourself that the truest emotions – especially that of love – is worth more than anything money and power could afford.

#5 Manage your emotions

   In Chasing Amy, a witty romantic comedy, lovers are taught to handle fragile emotions well. The art of expressing feelings, especially when you’re most sensitive, is a hard one to learn. First set aside your pride and give importance to the value of respect. More importantly, instead of dwelling on the hurtful past, why not look forward to sharing a bright future with your man.

#6 Stay clear of deceit

   Closer is a film not for the faint of heart. The 2004 romantic drama features a square dance of love filled with desire, treachery and lies. Four beautiful people portrayed share monstrous relationships that lead to a painful breakdown of truths among lies. An engaging depiction of reality, the drama touches the heart by revealing that foolish relationship games turn people into monsters. Don’t let the real meaning of love get lost. Honesty and loyalty are too underrated values of a long-lasting relationship.

#7 Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

   Moulin Rouge, though may leave tears in your eyes in the end, shares the beauty in tragedies. It’s something to remember that no matter what the ending may be, the memories of those special moments had still brought you happiness. Life is short and, as the old adage goes, it’s better to have loved and lost, than to not have loved at all.


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