Have you ever wondered about your goal every time you go to a certain mall? Is it just because of shopping, spending time with your family and friends by satisfying yourselves on delicious foods or restaurant you’re craving for? Let’s make things different. Have you gone to a mall to do nothing but to observe other people? Well, I did.

 Trinoma is my favorite mall. It’s just a ride from home and from my school. There are lots of restaurants located there and stuffs like clothes and shoes are quite affordable. I love going there with my family and friends to shop, eat, watch a movie and roam around, but I never tried going there just to observe others.

I was just asked to do some observation for my class and create a paper. Yesterday, I was out to celebrate my birthday with my family. I still acted normal even though I observed groups of people roaming around or just sitting somewhere there with no one and/or with someone. I had observed five specific locations; restaurant, cinema or the ticket counter, food court, arcade (Timezone) and supermarket.

Restaurant. We ate at a Japanese restaurant. The dishes are somehow at high cost but the serving is really satisfying. It is located far away from the main mall that’s why only few choose to eat there. I’ve seen one family eating together. Unlike my family, they are quiet while eating. They don’t talk as long as they’re going to add some orders. Comparing it with mine, we talk and even laugh while eating. We’re not stopping ourselves on sharing different insights and stories because we believe that our conversation adds more taste to what we eat.

Cinema/Ticket counter. Yesterday was a holiday that’s why movie houses were full. I treated my cousins and my aunt that’s why I was the one on the line. I didn’t waste a single minute on observing those on the line too. There were kids with parents, couples and group of friends. The movie “My Amnesia Girl” and “Harry Potter” are the top two’s. It is obvious that 90% of couples watched John Lloyd and Toni’s movie simply because they’re in love. For those who want to see magic, they’ll go for Harry Potter. A girl group chose to watch My Amnesia Girl just to feel in love. I’m with my family that’s why we chose to watch Harry Potter.

Food court. This is where you’ll see different kinds of people and personalities. People are here so that they can choose freely on what they want to eat. And generally speaking without any offense, you can spot those who budget and those who can’t afford to eat on somewhere “classy.” Some mall employees are there to have much affordable meal. By looking at them, I already know how much they value their salary and how they manage their time. Their co-employees serve as their buddies and friends too and during their break, that’s their time to bond with each other.

Timezone. Teenagers and kids are here. Children born with silver spoon usually visit arcade to enjoy and play. No other reason. For teenagers like me, we go there to forget our stress and just enjoy. I can see some couples spending time there. Maybe because they’re tired of watching movies and eating out together that’s why they tried something new.

Supermarket. Our dear senior citizens were seen here especially those who loved cooking. Their carts are loaded with food. I saw some kids with their grandparents and they kept on getting candies and chocolates. Grandparents are somewhat called “kunsintidor/kunsintidora” because they grant what they’re grand children wished for even if the parents don’t agree.

It was my first time to do this thing – which is to observe people around me and answer my own question why are they there and what are they doing and so on. Observing others made me compare myself with them. I sometimes care and most of the times don’t. I’m just there to satisfy myself and that’s all. I don’t care why others are there because I know they’re also there because of their own reason and purpose.

The essence of being aware with the people around you teaches you to realize your status in our society. As I got home after observing, I realized that maybe; those people I’ve seen had the same purpose why they spent their holiday at the mall. We may all be different in some ways but we can never tell if all of us have the same reasons why we visit one same mall.

Date Submitted: November 30, 2010


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