Everything was planned in 3 weeks. The class was divided into three groups to present a group discussion. Panel discussion, symposium, and debate. Those were given to be our final oral exam in English 3. I really wanted to be part of the debate group when we were still grouping ourselves. Luckily, my name was joined in the last group which was the debate group.

Before grouping, everybody was busy thinking of a topic. Ynah suggested the issue about same-sex marriage, then I agreed. Our group was composed of four Filipinos and three Chinese. I thought that it would be hard for us to reach out with our Chinese classmates but they were the one who approached us to help them. We wanted to have a good grade that’s why we cooperated with each and everyone. We helped each other to complete our main speeches. Gary, Sonnick, and Sonny went here in Fairview for our preparation. Their effort really showed that they were really interested in getting high grades. At least they participated.

Finally! Yesterday was filled with stress, panic, excitement, and nervousness. When our professor stepped out of the room from her previous class, I greeted her and told her that I was so nervous. She advised me not to and stay relaxed. But it so hard to be calmed especially when I kept on asking what’s the time.

The delivery of our main speech started at exactly 1:15 pm. Affirmative side then the negative side. I am proud being part of the negative party. The rebuttal speech went kinda hot. Haha!

Anyway, we all breathed well after everything. We had a good feedback from our professor. Negative side won. 🙂

Moderator: Ms. Claire Fatima Dasico

Affirmative speakers: Ms. Jennifer Bautista, Ms. Cristina Custodio, and Mr. Sonnick Yuan

Negative speakers: Ms. Anna Dominique Reyes, Mr. Gary Zhang, and Mr. Sonny Suo

Topic: Same-Sex Marriage

Date: October 14, 2010


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