Earlier this afternoon, I bought my ever-favorite jellyace and ate it while I was watching Cartoon Network. I kept on changing channels and ended up on Disney Channel. Then I suddenly thought about my childhood days.

I loved watching cartoons with my cousins while we were holding our bottles of milk. We used to watch Cinderella right after school and completed all Barney series. We played different games everyday and end up on fighting. My cousins and I used to act like we were employees and one of us would act as the boss, and sometimes we would set up small tables and chairs so it would look like a real office. We had our own whiteboard so that we could avoid writing on our walls.

There are so many memories to remember. But now that we’re all grown-ups, we have our own life. We have our own friends. Unlike before, they were my friends. I miss the old times. Our old times. We only have time for each other when we eat out with the rest of the family or because of special occasions. If I’ll have one wish, I want to spend the whole day with Clarice and Erica. Just the three of us. I can feel that even though we’re living in one house, there’s something called gap between us. I don’t know. I just can feel.

I love them. Forever.


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