I am Nikki. A student, a friend, a daughter, and a servant of our Master Maker. I am special in my own way and I always believe on what I can do. I have no doubt when it comes to my God-given talents because I know that the Lord gave me special skills for me to share and develop. I’m just a simple being who deserves to be happy and to be loved.

Who am I when I’m hurt? I remain silent as much as possible. I don’t usually cry but I express my burdens through music, letter writing, blogging, and other stuffs that will help me recover. I keep what I feel when I’m sure that I can handle everything and never let anyone know about it. I cry my heart out when it’s full and I run and seek for help from my family. They are my foundation and support. Family first before friends. In all fairness, I know that my friends will always be with me when I need them. They are my comfort zone. But still, when I’m hurt, I am more comfortable sharing it with my mom.

Who am I when I’m mad? I’m quiet but everyone will notice that there’s something wrong. I am a kind of person whom you’ll never like when you see me irritated and all. Unlike being hurt, I am straightforward when I’m angry at something. I’ll let that somebody feel that s/he did something that made me feel unhappy. And sometimes, it takes more than a day for me to amend. I don’t know. There are reasons why my friends don’t want me to get mad because I’m not talking to them. So, never try to do something wrong. Or else… Friendship Over!

Who am I when I’m sad? I don’t look sad when I’m out. I act normal. I’m normal when I smile and laugh a lot, doing crazy things, and my mouth is non-stop in sharing things. But when I’m alone, I listen to music or just do nothing.

Who am I when it comes to serious activities? I bring out the best in me especially in singing. To be a good leader is to be a good follower as well. I make sure that I’m in a good condition before doing my task to have a nice result.

Do I need to indicate everything about me? I think it’s better if you’ll know me because you want to, not because I posted random facts here. I hope that I’ve done my 30 day challenge well. By the way, I enjoyed doing this challenge. I wish there’s more to come. 🙂


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