August 15, 2010 (Sunday)

I just want to share everything that happened to me today. 🙂


I woke up at around 9am and got ready to hear mass at 10am. I don’t usually hear mass every morning because I have my Serenata Choir every 6pm. So I prioritize attending mass every night. But for this day, I decided to join everyone here to attend the morning mass to see my cousin (Juliane) serve and I thought that I won’t be able to sing at 6pm because of some reasons.

After hearing mass, we went to SM North Annex and ate lunch then gone straight to Trinoma to shop. I’ve been looking for something to buy but I don’t wanna spend my money. (OMG! I’ve changed!) I planned to buy a pair of shoes but nothing caught my taste. I’ll save more money to buy the things that I want. 🙂 Christmas season is getting near so I can smell more shopping.

I have a date with a friend at 4pm. I started receiving text messages from him around 3pm I think. But oh! My cousins were still fitting clothes and my mom wasn’t done buying stuffs at Landmark. I panicked. Haha! I told my mom that hey mom, I have a date and he’s waiting for more than an hour already. Thanks to my family for being considerate. Haha! My papa drove me there.

Mark and I met at Pizza Hut (Dahlia). It was his birthday treat for me and he planned it I think a week before his birthday. So anyway, we talked about little things. (I’ll make a different post about this.)

After eating, I went home to change my clothes. (Reason will be posted SOON!) Then I went to church again to sing. I’m improving my alto voice now and I’m used to it already. Missed being soprano. But I’m happy with my flexible voice. Not everyone can do what I can.


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