Dear Parents,

Thank you for everything. I appreciate your hardships just to give what’s best for me. I know that I’m not perfect but my love for you won’t change.

Dad, you’ve been a very good provider. I thank you for that. No one can ever replace you in terms of providing me what I need especially when it comes to my education. You may not be a very good father/grand father to us but your little efforts are very much appreciated.

Mom, you may be irritating every time you scream at me. I know that you’re doing that for me to learn. But please, calm down. I can hear you, and I understand everything you demand. It’s just that sometimes, there are things that I want you to understand. I’ve grown up already and I have decisions to make. I know you trust me but I want your trust more. When I say I can do it, believe me. I can. I can handle myself. I just want to experience things that my friends are experiencing. I understand that you’re strict, but I hope you’ll understand mine too.

Papa, even though we’re not seeing each other often, I know you’ll never leave me. You’ll support me all the way. Thank you for understanding me. You’re more open minded than mom that’s why you allow me every time I’m asking for your permission.

I love you.



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